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Looking to creatively collaborate on many kinds of projects, especially new work that spans genre and medium.


  'Let Mercy Come' by Andrew Serban. I play Maia, a disaffected young woman looking for identity. (‘Best Actress’ Nomination at Garden State Film Festival’, ‘Best Ensemble’ at Queens Film Festival)


'Praise for 'Live From The Surface Of The Moon':" Kate Garfield as Carol is as charming and relatable as she turns out to be shallow and unforgiving" Charged FM

"Kate Garfield's flawed Carol is both sympathetic and commanding (when she wants to be) My Entertainment World

"The cast does stellar work making these characters feel like complex individuals and the relationships feel lived in, with real history and chemistry"  Culture Catch

Other Reviews

"Kate Garfield is amazing in this gem, directed by Shira-Lee Shalit. " Theatre Row Restaurant Review

“with Kate Garfield applying makeup in the mirror and Savant standing, clothed, in a running shower, this scene was so powerful that a complete stranger handed me some tissues mid-way through it.”  Carey Purcell

“(Garfield) is kind of a cross between a highly pedigreed pet and an heirloom settee, (Garfield) plays her as a live mannequin, who struts, preens, and flails around with a blank look in her eyes”  The Village Voice

"Kate Garfield is a consummate performer, committed to every gesture demanded by this opera" Flavorpill

"Kate Garfield, as Mary Marvin Breckenridge, “the only woman among the Boys,” has the self possession and poise required of a clever career woman who must assume from the first that her job will eventually go to a man
(and it does)." 

Companies I collaborate with: Squeaky Bicycle Productions, Playwrights Collective, Stable Cable Lab Co, Old Hat Theatre Co, Page 73,  Irondale Ensemble Project, NYLON, Girl Be Heard, New Light Theatre Project, Red Caravan, Panoply Lab, Martian Media.

Much love to The Future Is Female Festival. Thank you Mya Kagan, Lauren Orkus, Jack Sharkey, Diana Oh, Joanna Gurin, Wi-Moto Nyoka, LaGina Hill, Maria Paz Alegre, Lindsay Joy, Paco Lozano & Danielle Beckmann. Also thank you to each director and actor who collaborated with us to raise money for the Soul Sisters Leadership Collective.